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Fruity Chutes Iris Ultra Standard All Nylon Parachutes, 36" to 120"

The Iris Ultra standard parachute is ideal for applications like rocketry where weight may not be as critical. These parachutes feature a toroidal shape which results in a Cd of at least 2.2! This means you can use a smaller sized parachute for the same load carrying performance. Said another way, the Iris Ultra 72" will outperform the elliptical 84" Custom, and the Iris 84" will outperform the elliptical 96. Additionally, due to the way the canopy is shaped, these parachutes have less material compared to the same size elliptical parachutes. We carry stock colors for all parachutes in alternating red/white, yellow/black, or orange/black. Alternatively, you can order custom-colored parachutes; lead time is about five weeks.

Iris parachutes feature:

  • Lightweight 1.1oz mil-spec calendared ripstop nylon - Makes parachutes compact and lightweight
  • Nylon IIIa Paraline shroud lines for strength at lower cost
  • Annular design (doughnut shape or toroidal), optimal for high drag and minimum material and weight
  • Choose your size, from 36" up to 192" (16')
  • Top loop for use with deployment bags
  • Three stock colors for fast delivery, or choose up to three custom colors (four to five week lead time)
  • Compact, fits into smaller spaces than elliptical parachutes

    Learn how to fold an Iris parachute with our tutorial: How to Fold a Parachute.


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    NOTICE: When you order custom-colored parachutes, please let us know when you need them. We will do our best to work with you and your schedule. Lead time for custom-colored parachutes is four to five weeks.

    Below are colors we have in stock to choose from for custom-colored parachutes.

    Canopy parachute materials color option chart