The Harrier product line raises the bar for high performance, lightweight, and low cost for Drone Ballistic Parachute Launchers. Key features of the Harrier product line are:

  • Lightweight - All launchers use thin wall carbon fiber canisters and lightweight nylon parts. The smallest launcher that features a 30" Iris Parachute weighs just 27.5 grams. The complete launcher with cap, parachute and shock cord weighs just 81 grams!
  • New Parachute - To have the smallest and lightest launcher possible we developed a new line of parachute called the "Iris Ultra Zero" parachutes. For example the IFC-30-SUZ parachute used with the 40mm Harrier launcher weighs just 27.7 grams and is rated at 1/2Kg @ 4.6 m/s. You can only get this parachute with the new Harrier launcher.
  • High Energy Spring - All launchers feature powerful springs to get the highest possible ejection velocity at a low weight.
  • Patent Pending Parachute Release - We pushed the envelope to make the launcher as short and compact as possible. We developed a new low profile patent pending spring release mechanism. A high-quality and fast servo actuates the release of the parachute in a fraction of a second.
  • Ease of Use - To reset the parachute launcher after use you use a simple tool to push down the launcher piston which "clicks" into place. This makes loading the parachute a breeze since you do not have to fight the piston spring. The chute folding can be optimized for fast opening since lines do not needed to be wrapped around the parachute.
  • Use for Drones and Fixed Wing - Of course your going to want to use the Harrier for your Drone Parachute Recovery System. But the short and compact launcher make the Harrier an ideal solution for Fixed Wing UAV's. All the harrier launchers will feature short versions that will fit into the low profile fixed with airframes. Use the Harrier launcher to eject the pilot parachute out and away from the UAV.
  • Many sizes, many diameters - Like our other products the Harrier product line is a family of launchers of various diameters and then vary the canister length to accommodate different size parachutes. Sizes include 40mm, 50mm, 56mm and more to come.