Peregrine UAV Ballistic Parachute Deployment - The Peregrine UAV is a modular ballistic system that features a precisely sized carbon fiber canister, ideal for maximum packing density of the ballistic recovery chute. Use this for fixed wing or on larger multicopters.
Learn more about how the Peregrine UAV facilitates successful ballistic recovery.
Each system provides:
  • Iris Ultra Compact and Iris Ultralight parachutes using Spectra shroud lines
  • All-mechanical Hawk CO2 Release Valve
  • Carbon fiber parachute canister and cap sized for the parachute
  • Twist-lock base plate
  • Y harness to provide a 4 point mount to your UAV at the Cg
  • Length of nylon webbing or Spectra cord to attach the main parachute to the Y harness - Length approximately double the parachute diameter
  • Quick links to attach the components together
  • Accessory pack

All of our launchers are optimized for compact size and minimal weight, making each one an easy addition to have on board. These recovery systems keep you flying while fostering a sense of security and trust for those doing business with you.

Other variations of ballistic parachutes for sale with special orders. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Download the Peregrine UAV Quick Start Guide, and learn more about how this ballistic system works.

IMPORTANT: The canisters for this product are built-to-order based on the parachute size and canister diameter. As such, there is a two-week lead time. We also offer the Hawk CO2 release, which does not require any regulated consumables in order to release the CO2 and eject the ultralight ballistic parachute. Please contact Fruity Chutes for a list of materials and where these can be purchased.

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