Fruity Chutes Iris Ultra Light Parachutes with Spectra Shroud Lines, 30" to 120"

The Iris Ultra light parachutes are designed to be as lightweight as possible for drones, multicopters, and other applications where weight and size are critical. These parachutes use 200lb Spectra shroud lines to lower the weight as much as 30% over the standard parachute of the same size. The SUL parachutes use a new 0.66oz Nylon ripstop fabric to lower the weight even more. All the Iris parachutes feature a toroidal shape which results in a Cd of at least 2.2! This means you can use a smaller sized parachute for the same load carrying performance. Stock colors for SUL parachutes are orange/black or orange/white. Custom parachute colors are not available through the webstore.

Iris Ultra Light parachutes feature:

  • SUL parachutes with ultra-lightweight 0.66oz ripstop nylon
  • Toroidal design (doughnut shape), optimal for high drag and minimum material and weight
  • Spectra shroud lines with custom 200lb Spectra Nanoline
  • Choose your size, from 30" up to 120" depending on the model
  • SUL parachutes with a top loop for use with deployment bags
  • Designed to be as compact as possible to fit into small spaces