Harrier 50mm Harrier 56mm

The Harrier 40mm Drone Parachute Launcher raises the bar for low-cost, lightweight and cost-effective spring-actuated parachute launchers. All Harrier launchers feature:

 Lightweight - Thin-walled carbon fiber canisters with lightweight nylon parts. The Harrier launcher weighs as low as 52 grams!

 New Parachute - Introducing the "Iris Ultra Zero.” The IFC-30-SUZ parachute weighs just 27.7 grams and is rated at 1.25kg @ 4.6m/s.

 High Energy Spring - We use powerful springs to get high ejection velocity at a low weight.

 Patent Pending Release - The Harrier family uses a new, low-profile, patent pending spring-release mechanism.

Ease of Use - Simple servo actuation allows for an easy push-to-click reset of parachute piston.

 Use for Drones and Fixed Wing - The Harrier family is ideal for both Drone and Fixed Wing UAVs.

 Many sizes, many diameters - The Harrier family comes in 40mm, 50mm, and 56mm.