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We provide harnesses using Nylon, Spectra, or Kevlar. A harness is used as a direct multi-point connection to the airframe. Generally, you use either a Y harness or several straight harnesses to make a multi-point connection. For UAS, a 3 or 4 point connection may be needed to keep it level. Material advantages include:

  • Kevlar is heat resistant. Use Kevlar near the ejection charge where it's needed. Most rockets require a Kevlar harness.
  • Spectra has even more strength per weight than Kevlar but is not heat resistant. However, it is very lightweight and tangle-resistant, which is ideal for UAS.
  • Nylon is lower in cost and allows some stretch to lessen the opening shock.
Size your harness to allow for 6" to 12" to hang out of the airframe, making connection to the shock cord easy. On UAS, allow a length that provides a center point well above the airframe. All our harnesses feature:
  • Pre-sewn loops
  • Stitching with Kevlar thread
  • A single Y harness for a two point connection, several for 4 point connections
  • Several straight harnesses for 3 point connections