Peregrine Raptor CO2 System Kit - 23g-45g

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This is the Tinder Rocketry Peregrine Raptor CO2 deployment device. This is similar to the Rouse Tech CD3 device but is re-engineered to take it up to the next level! 

The newest Peregrine, the Raptor is lightweight, compact and versatile! It is designed for easy use and works with many CO2 cartridges ranging in size from 23 to 85 grams! For US customers, the Raptor system ships with your choice of 23, 33, or 45 gram cartridges (4 units).

Key Features:

  • Both the pyro charge gas and the CO2 vent out the same ports of the device. The pyro gas is immediately cooled by the CO2.
  • The firing pin end is compact and lightweight.
  • Two units can be easily mounted side by side on a 4" AV-Bay cap. Use one unit for primary and one for backup and have plenty of room for your electronics!
  • The initiator can use black powder, unregulated Pyrodex or Triple Seven gun reloading powder.
  • Initiator is sealed with O-rings, allowing reliable high altitude deployment. The Peregrine Raptor has been tested to 29' Hg of vacuum.
  • In the US, use low current unregulated MJG Tech Firewire Initiator.
  • In Canada, you can get the MJG Tech igniters here at the Canadian Rocketry Store.
  • The starter kit includes a complete system with four CO2 cartridges and sells for just $140.
  • Raptor weight excluding CO2 cartridges and mounting screws: 103 grams. CO2 cartridges are:
    • 23g - 95.5g
    • 33g - 140g
    • 45g - 183g

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: We cannot ship the CO2 cartridges outside the US. For customers outside the US, please select the option to not include CO2 cartridges. Both 16 and 23 (or 24) gram CO2 cartridges are commonly available in most countries. Check before you order to ensure you can get these. Also, we cannot ship CO2 cartridges by air. If you include CO2 cartridges, they will be ground shipped.

Download the Peregrine Raptor CO2 Instruction Manual

Raptor Mechanical Dimensions

Here is a YouTube video on loading the Raptor charge cup and piston. Note there are a few critical tips in the video that will help get the most out of the system.

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