Skycat Trigger w Terminator (4S)

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Skycat Flight Terminator is a Trigger and Flight Terminator combined. It disconnects any low current power cable during eject, typically autopilot power cable (+ cable). Most modern ESC's shut motors down once signal from autopilot is lost.

The unit listens to a PWM signal from your Drone's radio, and upon command, transfers energy from a Drone battery or dedicated battery to the launcher. Two or more triggers are supported for redundancy.

Reliability is the first priority of the Skycat Flight Terminator. Autopilot will not shut down even in the case of a total power loss to the terminator, which is usually not the case with common electronic flight termination systems. The relay conducts power when it's in mechanical resting state, that is without controlling power.

When parachute is ejected, electricity is conducted to the launcher's Fuse® release mechanism and to the relay at the same time.

The relay can handle max. 10A / 12V and it is manufacturer by Bosch, a German quality manufacturer of reliable and prooven relays most common in the automotive industry.


  • Parachute battery: 2S - 4S
  • Receiver voltage range: 4.9 V - 6.1 V
  • Receiver wire length: 15 cm / 5.9 in
  • Before using this Flight Terminator, always check how your aircraft's ESCs behave when autopilot power cable is disconnected. Some ESCs shut down immediately, while others may have delay or keep running in failsafe mode.