Skycat Trigger Unit, V2 (4S)

Fruity Chutes Inc


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This is a trigger unit for Skycat parachute launchers. It is wired to the Drone radio battery (or supply your own small LiPo battery) and Skycat launcher unit.

The unit listens to a PWM signal from your Drone's radio and, upon command, transfers energy from a Drone battery or dedicated battery to the launcher. Two or more triggers are supported for redundancy.

The trigger is shipped with 15cm receiver cable and 30 cm cables for parachute battery. XT60 connectors are not soldered, so you can adjust the wires for a perfect fit. A base plate for attaching the trigger to the UAV frame is included.

  • Parachute battery: 2S to 4S. Use the Drone main battery or supply your own 2S / 1AH / 50C battery
  • Receiver voltage: 4.9V - 6.1V
  • Trigger weight: 26 to 53 grams depending on cable length in the final installation (0.92 to 1.87 oz)

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