Parachute Rigger Jig

Fruity Chutes Inc


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Use this handy jig to fold your Fruity Chute parachute like a professional rigger! We use the same jig to fold out own parachutes. The jig features three slots for both the left side, center lines and the right side lines. Once the lines are in the slots lower the gate to keep them in place. Use a couple of "C" clamps to keep the jig in place while you work on the parachute canopy. Use this for both the Iris Ultra parachutes, or our Classic Elliptical. Also use the jig to help diagnose tangled lines and to quickly see how to untangle them.

Here is the Help page on how to fold a Iris Ultra parachute using the jig: Learn how to fold a Iris Parachute.

Download the Assembly Instructions.