Mini Parachute Rigger Jig

Fruity Chutes Inc


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Now everyone can have an economical way to fold your Iris Parachute with precision! The Mini Jig can be used with our Iris Compact, and Ultra Compact parachutes up to 60" diameter. The jig features three slots for both the left side lines, center lines and the right side lines. Once the lines are in the slots, you use a set of "combs" and paper clips to keep the lines firmly in place. After assembly, tape the jig to your table top and fold your parachute. Additionally, use the jig to help diagnose tangled lines and to quickly see how to untangle them.

Learn how to use the Mini Rigger Jig and see our video tutorial showing how to fold a parachute using the jig. Note that the Mini Rigger Jig works with small to medium parachutes similarly to how the full-size jig is demonstrated with a large parachute in the tutorial video.

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