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If you want end loops sewn onto your shock cord, first purchase the total yardage for all your cords. Then, purchase the "Sew End Loops" for the cords to sew. 

For example, let's say you want to us to sew 3 cords of 6000lb Kevlar. You want 2 cords that are 5 yards long, and 1 cord that is 10 yards long. To order, you need:

20 QTY yards 2200lb Kevlar (5 + 5 + 10)

2 QTY "Sew End Loops," specify cords are 5 yards long, choose 6000lb stock

1 QTY "Sew End Loops," specify cords are 10 yards long, choose 6000lb stock

The key to remember is the sum of the Sew End Loop quantity multiplied by the sewn yardage needs to add up to the quantity of stock purchased. In this case, we have (2 units * 5 yards) + ( 1 unit * 10 yards) = 20 yards of stock purchased.

NOTE: Lead time is 2 weeks for custom sewn cord.

See Cart example below.

Shopping cart example, how to order to get end loops sewn onto your shock cords