Hawk CO2 System Kit - 16 to 45 gram

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The Hawk CO2 release has the same ejection performance as the Raptor Pyro CO2 release, but it is entirely mechanical design that does not need any pyro-consumables. The Hawk system ships with your choice of 16, 23, 33, or 45 gram cartridge, up to 4 cartridges total.

Click here to use the Hawk release with our Peregrine UAV Ballistic Deployment Systems!

Here is a list of key features:

  • Clean CO2 Only release meaning no cleanup or burn holes in your rocket or UAV parachute.
  • The puncture piston uses a powerful spring to create the largest opening possible in the CO2 canister.
  • CO2 gas is discharged very fast to maximum ejection strength.
  • A lighting fast and powerful servo is used to trigger the release. Opeing delay is under that 0.25 seconds
  • Use either 3/8", or 1/2" threaded CO2 cartridges commonly available world wide.
  • Release body weight (excluding CO2) 284 grams.
CO2 Cartridge Weights:
  • 16 Gram Cartridge: 41 Gram weight 
  • 23 Gram Cartridge: 95 Gram weight
  • 24 Gram Cartridge: 113 Gram weight
  • 33 Gram Cartridge: 140 Gram weight
  • 45 Gram Cartridge: 183 Gram weight

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: We can not ship the CO2 cartridges outside the US. For customers outside the US please select the option to not have us include CO2 cartridges. Both 16 and 23 (or 24) gram CO2 cartridges are commonly available in most countries. Check before you order to make sure you can get these. Also we can not ship CO2 cartridges by air, so ground shipping only please if you include CO2 cartridges.

Download the Hawk Instruction Guide

Here is a video of the Hawk valve in action with the Peregrine UAV System.

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