Fixed Wing Recovery Bundle - 64lb (29kg) @ 15fps

Fruity Chutes Inc


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The bundle includes everything needed to recover a fixed wing aircraft with a weight of up to 64lb (29kg) @ 15fps (4.6m/s).

New! See the IFC-144-S Descent Rate Calculator!

The bundle includes:

  • IFC-144-S Iris Ultra Compact Chute with Spectra shroud lines
  • CDB-55, 13"L Deployment Bag
  • TARC-24 Pilot chute
  • Y harness to provide a 4 point mount to your UAV at the Cg
  • 9/16" Nylon Webbing shock cord, 5 yards length
  • 3/8" Nylon Webbing to attach the pilot chute to the deployment bag, 2.5 yards length
  • Quick links to attach the components together
  • Estimated System Weight - 1250g
  • Estimated Packing Volume - 250cu"
NOTE: Lead time for this product is about 2 weeks to ship ARO. Contact us if your timeline is tight and we can let you know the current lead time.

Download the Fixed Wing Recovery Bundle Users Guide