36" Elliptical Parachute - 4.8lb @ 20fps

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Classic Elliptical shape Mid Power or High Power Chute:

New! See the CFC-36 Descent Rate Calculator!

This is a perfect chute for Mid Power, High Power, Balloon Payload or small UAV Recovery.

  • Type: Mid Power / High Power
  • Cd between 1.5 - 1.6
  • Materials: 1.1oz Rip-stop, 400lb braided nylon shroud lines, 1/2" nylon bridle, 1000lb swivel
  • Weight: 4.5oz
  • Packing Volume: 2.6d x 4.0l: 21.2in^3 (assumes a very tight pack)
  • Rating: 4.8lb @ 20fps
  • Number of Gores: 12
  • Colors and Options: We carry stock featuring our most popular color combinations. If you need special colors or other options please select the "Custom" chute option and let us know your colors or other requirements.

Recommended Compatible Products:

  • Deployment Bag - CDB-3-6
  • Drogue Chute - CFC-12
  • Harness - HKS-250, HKY-250
  • Shock Cord - SCS-375, SCS-1000 - 3 yard or more
  • Quick Link - QL-125 (mid power), QL187 (high Power)

This chute can be used as a drogue chute for larger chutes from 96" and up.