5" Parachute Liner

Fruity Chutes Inc


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This is a simple bag split down the side. This bag is sized for a 5" ID airframe. Choose length based on required packing volume. All liners come with:

  • Nylon leash inside the bag to connect to the parachute crown.
  • Order by length and volume needed:
    • 5"d by 5"l for parachutes up to 64 cu" volume
    • 5"d by 6"l for parachutes up to 75 cu" volume
    • 5"d by 8"l for parachutes up to 85 cu" volume
    • 5"d by 10"l for parachutes up to 106 cu" volume
    • 5"d by 12"l for parachutes up to 128 cu" volume
  • To determine the size needed, look at the total cubic inches for your Fruity Chute. Then, ensure the bag you choose will accommodate at least that much volume.
Our Parachute Liners have multiple uses:
  • As a replacement for a Nomex blanket: Because they are specifically sewn to a given airframe size, they are highly efficient and less bulky than a Nomex blanket.
  • To provide abrasion protection when packing a parachute tightly. All our Peregrine IDS system use a Parachute Liner in order to protect the parachute when pressure packed.
  • As a simple alternative to a deployment bag.

CAUTION: Under some conditions, the hot gas of the ejection charge can linger on the Nomex long enough to heat the fabric to high temperatures. To avoid damage to the parachute canopy fabric, we do not recommend that you put the parachute canopy directly against the part of the Nomex blanket that is closest to the charge. Instead, put your shock cord and other harnesses that are more resistant to the momentary heat of the ejection charge at the bottom of the blanket near the charge. Another trick is to add a layer of duct tape on the BP charge side of the blanket to provide extra protection. When it gets burned, it is easy to replace. Or, even better, use a second smaller blanket to take the brunt of the heat.