21" Nomex Blanket - 6" (152mm) Airframe

Fruity Chutes Inc


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Premium quality Nomex blanket sized for 6" airframe. All our protector blankets feature heavy Nomex fabric specifically designed to protect against heat and fire. Our blankets are the finest available, handmade and sewn with Kevlar thread. They feature:

  • Heavy-duty 6oz Nomex
  • All edges are double sewn to prevent fraying.
  • We place the shock cord eyelet toward the edge and on the fabric bias to avoid fraying.
  • All eyelets are reinforced with another piece of Nomex fabric with extra stitching around the opening.
  • Center of blanket features an extra layer of Nomex fabric for extra protection.

  • CAUTION: Under some conditions, the hot gas of the ejection charge can linger on the Nomex long enough to heat the fabric to high temperatures. To avoid damage to the parachute canopy fabric, we do not recommend that you put the parachute canopy directly against the part of the Nomex blanket that is closest to the charge. Instead, put your shock cord and other harnesses that are more resistant to the momentary heat of the ejection charge at the bottom of the blanket near the charge. Another trick is to add a layer of duct tape on the BP charge side of the blanket to provide extra protection. When it gets burned, it is easy to replace. Or, even better, use a second smaller blanket to take the brunt of the heat.