Iris Ultra 36" HP Compact Parachute - 7lb @ 20fps; 3.9lb @ 15fps

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Iris Ultra Compact High Performance Parachute (Spectra Lines and Kevlar Bridle):

Iris Ultra Compact parachutes are designed for ultra high performance use such as high power rocketry, where high strength is required and space is tight. This includes minimum diameter high altitude projects. Packing volume assumes a packing density of .18oz/cu" which is typical of a deployment bag. Traditional fold and wrap has a packing density of about 0.13.

New! See the IFC-36-S Descent Rate Calculator!

    • Type: Ultra Compact Toroidal (Annular)
    • Bridal: 1/4" Kevlar, no swivel
    • Shroud Lines: 400lb Spectra
    • Weight: 2.9oz
    • Packing Volume: 2.15in d x 4.4in l: 16.1cu"
    • Rating: 7lb @ 20fps
    • Cd of 2.2!
    • Number of Gores: 8
    • Colors: Standard is two colors alternating. Specify custom colors for other patterns, up to three colors max.
    • Top loop included for use with deployment bags
    • Other Options - Specify in Note Field:
      • Custom Colors: You can have up to three colors and a custom pattern; let us know in the notes field. Lead time for custom colors can be as much as 4 weeks.
      • Stock Color Backorder: Choose this option if stock colors are sold out and you don't want to order custom. As soon as we have stock we will ship your parachute. Please note your color preferences in the notes section of your order (orange/black, red/white, or yellow/black). Lead time can be 2 to 3 weeks, possibly longer.

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