Skycat Bundle Ultralight - 44lb (20kg) @ 15fps

Fruity Chutes Inc


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This bundle uses the lightweight 85mm launcher with the lightweight IFC-120-SULR parachute. The bundle includes everything needed to recover a multirotor or other UAS from 44lb (20kg) up to 66lb (30kg). The launcher tube is made of thin-walled carbon fiber tubing. The all around system weight is about 701 grams, making it the lightest system on the market at this weight class.

New! See the IFC-120-SULR Descent Rate Calculator!

 The bundle includes:

  • IFC-120-SULR Iris Ultralight parachute with Spectra shroud lines
  • Skycat 85mm diameter carbon fiber launcher
  • Skycat FUSE servo channel trigger switch
  • Skycat FUSE material
  • Skycat parachute blanket
  • 1500lb spectra harness to provide a multi-point mount to your UAV
  • 1500lb Spectra riser, 5 yards length
  • Quick links to attach parachute to riser and Y harness
  • Skycat Drone Parachute Quick Start Guide
  • System Weight - 701g
  • Lightweight carbon fiber canister, 3.33"D by 10.2"L (85mm D x 259mm L)