7.5" Deployment Bag

Fruity Chutes Inc


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Deployment bag sized for 7.5" airframe. The bag is cut slightly smaller in diameter to accommodate your parachute shroud lines folding on the outside and to ensure an easy fit into your airframe. All bags come with:

  • Elastic straps to z-fold your parachute's shroud lines underneath.
  • Flap to cover the opening.
  • Top loop to attach a drogue or pilot parachute and a Fruity recovery tether.
  • Nylon harness inside the bag to connect to the parachute crown.
  • Order by length and volume needed:
    • 7.5"d by 10"l for parachutes up to 384 cu" volume
    • 7.5"d by 14"l for parachutes up to 538 cu" volume
    • 7.5"d by 18"l for parachutes up to 691 cu" volume
    • 7.5"d by 22"l for parachutes up to 845 cu" volume
To determine the size needed, look at the total cubic inches for your Fruity Chute. Then, ensure the bag you choose will accommodate at least that much volume.