Eagle CO2 System Kit

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This is the Tinder Rocketry Eagle CO2 deployment device. It is designed for easy use and works with any 3/8" or 1/2" threaded CO2 cartridge.

This is a compact, lightweight system: just 4oz (not including CO2). Highly versatile, the Eagle CO2 system can be mounted completely inside the avionics bay and is acceleration immune, regardless of the mounting orientation.

Key Features:

  • Precision machined aluminum housing
  • 3/8" and 1/2" cartridge adaptors
  • Puncture piston assembly
  • Assembly lubricant
  • Dual charge cup
  • Dual charge cup disassembly nut
  • Extra o-rings
  • Powder measure vials
  • Your choice of CO2 cartridge, or non for International customers
  • Initiator can use black powder, unregulated Pyrodex or Triple Seven gun reloading powder
  • Initiator is sealed with O-rings, allowing reliable high altitude deployment
  • In the US, use low current, unregulated MJG Tech Firewire Initiator
  • In Canada, MJG Tech igniters are available at the Canadian Rocketry Store

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: We cannot ship the CO2 cartridges outside the US. For customers outside the US, please select the option to not include CO2 cartridges. 16g, 23g, 33g, or 45 gram CO2 cartridges are commonly available in most countries. Check before you order to ensure you can get these. Also, we cannot ship CO2 cartridges by air. If you include CO2 cartridges, they will be ground shipped.

Download the Eagle CO2 Instruction Manual

YouTube videos showing testing of the Eagle CO2 Ejection System:


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