Peregrine UAV 6 - 86lbs (39Kg) @ 15fps

Fruity Chutes Inc


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The 6" Peregrine UAV comes complete with everything needed to recover a UAV of up to 86lbs (39Kg) @ 15fps.

New! See the IFC-168-S Descent Rate Calculator!

The bundle includes:

  • IFC-168-S Iris Ultra Compact Chute with Spectra shroud lines
  • 6" OD twist lock carbon fiber parachute canister, 6.8" length. Overall length on base is 7.6".
  • Twist lock canister base
  • Your choice of pyro based Raptor CO2 Release Valve or mechanical Hawk CO2 Release Valve
  • System weight including UAV hardware, raptor CO2 valve, chute, rigging is 2.44Kg. Add 143 grams with the Hawk valve.
  • Y harness to provide a 4 point mount to your UAV
  • Nylon Webbing shock cord
  • Quick links to attach the components together
  • Accessory pack including sheer pins to hold on cap

Down load the Peregrine UAV Quick Start Guide here!

Contact us for pricing and availability. Lead time is generally 2 weeks ARO.