Anodized Aluminum L2 Recovery Tether, Up to 60lb Rockets

Fruity Chutes Inc


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***IMPORTANT: Tinder rocketry is discontinuing this version of the L2 Tender Descender with the release of the new TD-2 Tether and Release Device.***

The Tender Descender Aluminum L2 Recovery Tether has the same dimensions as the HDPE version but is made from heat-treated, copper-toned, anodized aluminum. The L2 weighs just 52 grams with its stainless steel quick links but can take an initial shock load of as much as 2,000 pounds and still release with up to 500 pounds attached. This device is intended for the bigger rocket projects of up to about 60 pounds. Features:

  • Made of heat-treated, copper-toned, anodized aluminum
  • Includes two 1/8" 316 stainless quick links
  • Use on rockets up to 60lb
  • Max Deployment Load - 500lb
  • Max Shock Load - 2000lb
  • Recommended black powder charge - 0.25g
  • Weight - just 52g including QL's
Use with a optional Tether Sheath

Download the manual