Skycat Bundle Ultra Light - 11lbs (5Kg) @ 15fps

Fruity Chutes Inc


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The bundle used the light weight 55mm launcher with the amazing light weight IFC-60-SUL parachute. The bundle includes everything needed to recover a multirotor or other UAS of 11lbs (5Kg) nominal weight. Maximum recommended UAS weight is 10Kg (22 fps). At this weight some airframe damage is likely. The launcher tube is made of thin wall carbon fiber tubing that is light weight. The all in system weight is about 412 grams making it the lightest weight system on the market at this weight class.

New! See the IFC-60-SUL Descent Rate Calculator!

The bundle includes:

  • IFC-60-SUL Iris Ultra Compact Chute with Spectra shroud lines
  • Skycat 55mm diameter Carbon Fiber launcher
  • Skycat FUSE Servo Channel Trigger Switch
  • Skycat FUSE Material
  • Skycat Parachute Blanket
  • 700# Spectra harness to provide a multi-point mount to your UAV.
  • 700# Spectra riser, 2 yards length
  • Quick links to attach parachute to riser and Y harness.
  • System Weight - 412g
  • Light weight Carbon Fiber canister, 2.15"D by 8.18"L (55mm D x 208mm L)

Please contact Fruity Chutes for the Skycat User Guide!

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